Review: The Lobster

Possibly the weirdest (yet brilliant) movie out this year. The Lobster is a strange entity to say the least. Forget your traditional love story, this is love in a world gone mad with coupledom. In a fictional world, not far from George Orwell’s imaginings in 1984,  people legally must be in a couple, or face being interned in a ‘love hotel’ to find a match. If they fail to get a match after 45 days however, they are sentenced to be turned into an animal of their choice. Yes, I told you it was weird.

Dave (Colin Farrell) is a suddenly divorced man sent to such a hotel, where he must endure a series of distressing and humiliating rituals and punishments if he does not find a new mate. That and hunt down ‘Loners’ who defy the law by living as single people in the woods. He befriends two other men played by John C. Reilly and Ben Whishaw who are as desperate as he is to avoid an animal life, especially as it involves some sort of horrific surgery.


Oddly enough, the premise of falling in love is based on having something in common, so David takes a leaf out his friend’s book and fakes a similarity (in this case sociopathy) in order to make a match. When that inevitably fails, he joins the loners, where ironically he falls in love where it is forbidden to couple up.

The Lobster may be a strange movie, but it is a very clever and funny look at the extremes of making a match. I only deducted a star rating because of some really disgusting violence, which unfortunately drives home the horror that is their world.

4 stars

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