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Review: The Last Witch Hunter


As the movie’s name suggests, Vin Diesel plays a Witch Hunter called Kaulder who keeps the world in order by essentially being the witch police. However Kaulder is actually cursed himself by a witch who made him live forever and now at 800-years-old, he can never get any real peace from losing his wife and daughter all that time ago.


When Kaulder’s handler/priest or ‘Dolan 36’(Michael Caine), is attacked and cursed by an unknown coven he sets out to find them and cure his friend. However, first Kaulder must recover a lost memory (that could easily happen after 800 years!) about his death. Thus he must enlist the help of a witch, bar owner Chloe (Game of Throne’s Rose Leslie).

The Last Witch Hunter is a mediocre and sometimes confusing movie (there’s a scene where Chloe wakes up in Kaulder’s house but we’re never shown how she got there!). While it has many spectacularly gross visuals and some fun fight scenes, the dialogue at times makes the actors look bad and it’s hard to forgive that of such a big budget movie. Incidentally the most entertaining character is an Irish witch man, played by Misfits’s Joseph Gilgun.

Also Elijah wood features as Dolan 37 but doesn’t really get much to do. Watch it if you feel like some no-brainer fighting fun and a break from Diesel driving fast cars (although he does have one in this too).

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2 stars