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Review: The Intern


We all need a little help sometime…

If only we all had Robert De Niro to help us. In The Intern, bright young career woman Jules (Anne Hathaway) does, but doesn’t want him to help. De Niro plays Ben, a 70 year-old widower who is looking to fill his days now that his wife has passed away. He discovers a Senior Intern programme at Jules’ online fashion company and gets the job as her assistant.

the intern2

As Jules’ struggles to run a business, be a mother and a wife, Ben is there waiting to help although Jules rejects his efforts at first. However Ben soon makes himself indispensable quickly and shows that old-time manners and courtesy can go a long way in a world where everything is available at the click of a button.

The Intern may be slightly All-American cheesy, but it does highlight how far removed from chivalry and manners we have gone, which is something that could really be rectified easily. With the movie being set in Brooklyn, home of the hipster where everyone wants to be ‘real’, this movie shows that going back to basics and actually being real is key to making for a better career, family and marriage. A really sweet movie that made me want De Niro as my own intern!

Out today in cinemas nationwide.

4 stars