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Review: Spectre


I’m sad to say that I didn’t think that Spectre lived up to any of the hype that surrounded it. It was a far cry from the superb and game-changing predecessor Skyfall and it’s possible the missing link is Judy Dench and a decent bad guy.

While the movie had all the usual features of a Bond movie, I felt it lacked a certain lustre that I’d come to associate with the franchise since Daniel Craig took over the tailored suit. Of course there were stunts and explosions and a good few fight scenes, but everything else was all a bit bland. The love interest Madeleine (Leá Seydoux) for one did the whole “I won’t fall for you Mr Bond”, about ten minutes before she jumps his bones and the only thing that changed was he rescued her for the third time. The message seems to be that Bond will always win you over, even if you don’t want him to.


Equally so, despite being a huge fan of the actor Christoph Waltz who plays the arch-enemy Franz Oberhauser, I felt he was nowhere near as compelling to watch as Javier Bardem’s baddie in Skyfall, nor even himself as The Jew Hunter in Inglourious Basterds. And his reason for hating Bond was as watered down and pathetic as they come…he was jealous of the attention his own father gave the orphaned young James as kids.


All in all, I’m not surprised Daniel Craig has come out and said that he would rather die than do another Bond movie because this movie was a poor example of what had become an exciting and revived franchise again. This is surprising as the director Sam Mendes was the one who boosted interest by taking over the franchise with Skyfall. Instead of continuing on with the brilliance of the past few films, it was like all the actors took a little holiday, phoned in their performance and got paid nicely for the trouble. I’d say wait for the DVD, or better yet, go rent Skyfall instead.

2 stars