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Review: No Escape


An intense and exhilarating movie of epic proportions

No Escape is possibly the most intense and stressful movie I have watched in a long time. It tells the story of an American family who move to Southeast Asia and within 24 hours are being hunted by rebels trying to overthrow the government.

Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) has moved his family abroad to take a job as an engineer with a water company called Cardiff, which the locals are unhappy about. Following the assassination of the prime minister, the rebels want to eliminate all those involved with Cardiff including Jack, his wife Annie (Lake Bell) and their two young daughters.

What follows is the most terrifying game of hide and seek as Jack and his family are chased throughout the city and are pushed to their limits emotionally and physically while trying to stay alive. Pierce Brosnan plays an English ally who helps the family out of one horrendous situation after another, and is quite at home playing a sleazy but likeable character. In fact he is more bad-ass in this movie that he ever was while playing James Bond!

No Escape will have your heart racing and you won’t even realise you’ve been holding your breath until the end when the credits roll. An absolute must-see for thriller fans.

Release date: Out now

4 stars