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Review: Mississippi Grind


A young slick gambler takes someone down on his luck under his wing but can he help him escape his demons?

As soon as I heard Ryan Renolds was one of the leading cast members in Mississippi Grind I was sold. He plays the character of Curtis, a young man who almost believes his winning streak is unbreakable.

Although the story centres around the Curtis’ gambling it is his introduction to Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) that sees the plot really take shape. Gerry is a gambling addict who sees a whole lot of prosperity in his newfound friendship, he sees Curtis as his good luck charm.

Curtis agrees to help Gerry get back on his feet and the pair set off on a road trip to a high-stakes poker game in New Orleans. It’s on this trip that Curtis realises just how much trouble Gerry is in. He owes money to, in his own words, “everyone”.

From the trailer alone this looks like a film that is based on one man’s gambling addiction and another’s high flying lifestyle, but I was presently surprised at how the story develops and how sometimes the strangest of friendships can help not just one but two escape their troubling lives.