Report reveals nearly half of Dublin’s homeless families were forced out by landlord

The latest report from the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive shows that 40% of families became homeless due to being served notice to quit by their landlords.

A truly shocking detail also revealed is that 450 families in Dublin became newly homeless in the first six months of 2017 with 180 of them being forced out by landlords.

For 114 of those newly homeless families, reasons for them being issued notice to leave were not given.

For the others, rent arrears and plans for the property to be sold were among the most common reasons with only two being issued for anti social behaviour.

According to the report the most common reason for someone becoming homeless is due to family circumstances like relationships breaking up with the next biggest cause being forced departure from rented accommodation.

From December 2016 to June 2017  the number of families in emergency accommodation in Dublin rose from 1,028 to 1,115.