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Ray Scully has a new single out and we love it


It was back in 2013 that Tallaght man Ray Scully came on the scene and introduced Ireland to his talent on the second series of The Voice of Ireland.

His cover of It’s A Mans World stunned the panel of judges which included former Westlife man Kian Egan who was most impressed with Ray’s vocal talent.

Since his time on the show Ray’s career has gone from strength to strength with him performing up and down the country. Now he has a new single out and we have to say we absolutely love it!

Comprehend is a beautiful song that should be played on all the airways over the next few months, it certainly wouldn’t sound out of place. We at InTallaght spoke to Ray and asked him all about it

“Myself and a friend of mine called David Doyle wrote it, the song is simplistic, its about not worrying about life and worrying about things. One of the lines in it ‘I’m a man with no great means, I work hard I have dreams’ sums it up really”.

It’s a feel good song and the video complements it so well with beautiful scenery of the Irish countryside, Ray really has got it all right with this one. With almost 8000 views and hundreds of shares on Facebook Ray says he couldn’t be happier

“I’m very thankful and overwhelmed by the response to Comprehend”

We asked Ray about his plans for the future and he told us about all the work he is putting into his second album

“I’m planning on finishing my second album and releasing that, but I’m also hoping to get a good bit of radio play with this new single”.

It’s all go at the minute for Ray, if you would like to catch him live check out his Facebook page for all the latest updates and of course his gigs

“I do be in town all the time, in temple bar and also in Galway a bit. I’m only back from Holland there yesterday as well”.

With Comprehend already receiving such rave reviews we look forward to seeing what Ray has in store for us with his second album which is promised for the near future.

Take a listen to Comprehend below.