QR codes arrive at WhatsApp to facilitate contact with companies

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Brian Adam
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With the arrival of the coronavirus and hygiene measures to be taken after confinement, the famous digitization of companies is such a clear reality that those that do not, seem destined for extinction. And within this framework of measures that employers are taking, we can frame this arrival of QR codes to WhatsApp Business as a new way of contacting businesses around the world to learn about the products and services they offer.

The objective that has been set from WhatsApp after this update is that of enable “to the maximum the option to start a chat with a company”. Until now, when we tried to find a business, it was mandatory to add a phone that had an account attached to the messaging app, which was especially difficult if the businessman himself did not advertise this way of contact.

Now, simply through a QR code inserted in an advertisement, business payment receipts, at the counters of the store itself or on the website, it will allow us to have immediate contact with through a chat, without the need for additional procedures, where we can ask you about any service or product that we need.

How does it work?

The way to get in immediate contact with a new company is simply opening the camera of our mobile to scan the QR code that we have obtained of a business that we want to contact. Instantly a chat will open and we can enter into a conversation in the same way that we already do with any of our contacts on personal WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp QR codes.

This new tool of QR codes is just the beginning, simply the fastest way to contact a business, although everything that happens from there will already depend on how hard you work with the customer, at the time of transmitting offers, new home services on their products for sale, discounts, promotions to partners, etc.

Precisely, Another of the great advantages of this WhatsApp Business is the possibility of creating online product catalogues They are available internationally, so any business, small or large, can target a potential market of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This update is now available and ready for you to use from now on quickly and easily.

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