Pubs in Ireland are going to stay closed on Good Friday


It has been a topic of discussion the last few weeks, will they or wont they?

We are sorry for you pub goers but nothing has changed, pubs in Ireland will still remain closed on Good Friday of this year despite a campaign to change the legislation in time for the Easter Rising commemorations.

The Licensed Vintners Association & Vintners Federation launched a campaign titled #Abouttime earlier this week in an attempt to remove the ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday, with the campaign garnering plenty of support on social media.

Sorry to tell you guys but those off-license queues on Holy Thursday will remain the same for this year anyway.

Although it is looking promising for maybe next year or the year after with Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald telling Radio One that it will remain in place in 2016, saying: “I won’t be doing it this year.”

“This year” – so there is hope. With pubs closed just two days of the calendar year, I am sure we can all survive the Good Friday without having a drink of alcohol? No? Ok then we will all join the queues on the Thursday!