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Public transport fares in the capital go up today


Dublin commuters will be hit further in the pocket from today as fares increase on the Luas and Dublin Bus with some paying as much as 15% more.

Dublin Bus users paying in cash will have to pay an additional 5 cent in the 1-3 zone area, while the 4-7 stage and 8-13 stage bands for cash fares have been merged into one single band.

The fare for the merged band will be €2.70, an increase of 15 cent for the 4-7 stage, but a decline of 10 cent for what was once the 8 to 13 stages.

School children using Dublin Bus will have to pay an additional 5 cent each day if they pay in cash, but the regular child fares will not increase.

Some users of the Luas service will be hit with increases of €60 a year, although they will be able to travel further on the network at no additional cost.

As it stands, passengers with three zone annual tickets pay €850, but the three zone tickets are being scrapped in favour of an all-zone ticket which will cost €910.

Short Hop zone train fares are to go up by between 1.4 per cent and 4.2 per cent.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) have given the go ahead for increases in some fares in an effort to get more people to switch to the cheaper Leap card.

The NTA said that in spite of passenger growth in 2014, the fare increases were necessary to complete the restructuring of the fares, to encourage a switch to the Leap card and to contribute to the additional cost of providing services.

For Dublin Bus, the NTA said only “modest” increases had been approved.