Public sector workers pay set to be restored following draft pay agreement deal

The Government and public service unions have reached a deal on a draft pay agreement to restore public sector pay by 2020.

By the end new agreement, which will cost €880 million over the next three years, 90% of public servants (those earning below €70,000) will be out of the financial emergency FEMPI legislation.

More than 300,000 government employees will benefit from pay restoration and changes to pension contribution arrangements in the draft deal agreed late last night.

The government has said there will be “no weakening of outsourcing protections,” with unions unable to agree a change in working hours or prevent two-tier pay scales persisting in the sector.

Unions succeeded in blocking a Government demand for more outsourcing, but failed to secure any winding back of the requirement to work 15 million additional unpaid hours per year – though staff will be able to revert to their original shorter week subject to a pay cut.

Early reactions to the proposed agreement have been mixed with teachers representatives most critical.

TUI President Joanne Irwin said her organisation had entered talks with the Government on the basis it would address new entrant pay however she said the draft agreement doesn’t do this.

She said teaching unions will not be happy with the provision that the new entrant pay issue be examined over a 12-month period from next January.

Each union will now consider the proposals, prior to putting them out to ballot.