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PS One Games: Celebrating 20 years


Back in September 1995 Sony’s PlayStation One hit the stores in Europe and to celebrate this fact in the next edition of InTallaght Magazine (out October 5th) we looked at 20 years of the PlayStation.

Having mentioned a few games in that article we decided to look at some of the PlayStation One’s most memorable games and franchises that have remained in the memory stick all these years later.

Hogs of War

This is not one of the more well-known games or even one of the best however it had a great multiplayer and one of the more memorable taglines ‘Born To Grill’. As you may have guessed this was a war game however you controlled armies of pigs who were trying to kill each other with bombs guns, grenades, mortars, etc.

One of the funniest images from the game is when you see the pigs take off with jetpacks strapped to them or coming back down with a parachute.

This game was released in 2000, the same year the PS2 came out and to see the difference in graphics is astounding. Hogs of War regardless of everything else, was a fun game, and the fact that I got it in a multipack with Worms made this game seem even better.

For those of you who are not familiar with the game there are videos of gameplay on YouTube which are definitely worth a watch. It is also available to purchase on Steam if you want to experience the wackiness of it all for yourself.

Alien Trilogy

With all the talk of Prometheus 2 in the past few weeks and the fact that the Alien franchise actually got a good game with Alien Isolation, when compiling this rundown of games Alien Trilogy had to be included.

Alien Isolation is very much in the vain of Alien whereas Alien Trilogy was more along the lines of Aliens. Released in 1996 the game was a first person shooter, in which you took control of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley in a standalone story that took inspiration from the first three movies from the franchise.

The game had 30 levels and three Queen Alien bosses, although if you have ever played the game you will remember the Facehuggers the most from the game. They would appear out of nowhere and take over your entire screen, kind of like a screensaver.

Considering there have been a lot of games over the years which have featured Alien, this is the second best Alien game, only narrowly beaten by Alien Isolation. Alien Trilogy is a great shooter and much better than the Colonial Marine games which were released only a few short years ago.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit was released in 1998 and was a fantastic racing game before the franchise became all modified cars and boy racers. The game had one brilliant feature and that was you could race around the tracks as quickly as you could while being pursued by the police.

This would start on a low level with one or two police cars pursuing you, however the longer you could last the more police would arrive. You knew you were really good at this game if the cop cars couldn’t stop you and they had to take out the spike strip (also known as tire shredders and traffic spikes) to catch you.

This is my favourite Need For Speed game and is the only racing game to date for which the steering wheel and the pedals were essential.

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey

This is a game which anyone who ever had a PlayStation One played at one stage or another, whether it was the full game or the shortened level which appeared on Demo 1.

Abe’s Odyssey was released in 1997 and was a hard and infuriating game, however all you had to do was to make Abe fart and laugh or take control of a Slig to get so much enjoyment out of this game.

Abe is a Mudokan slave who works in Rupture Farms, who during a shift hears his bosses talk about a new product which they are going to sell and whose main ingredient is Mudokans. With that you are tasked with, as Abe says ,‘Get me out of here’ and also rescuing all the other Mudokans who work there.

Abe’s Odyssey is one of the most iconic PlayStation games ever and was recently remade and released on the PS4, which was also a great game.

Abe’s Odyssey is not the only game to feature Abe with him making another appearance on the PS One in Oddworld Abe’s Exodus. This was another great game and for fans of the franchise it was announced that the makers of the game hope to remake it in the same way they did with Abe’s Odyssey.

Point Blank

Like Need For Speed Hot Pursuit needing the steering wheel to get the most out of the game, with Point Blank you definitely needed the gun to get the most enjoyment out of this game also.

Although it was originally an arcade game, Point Blank was released for the PlayStation One in July 1998 in Europe. The game was about seeing who the best shooter was and consisted of non-violent all ages shooting contests and it was just addictive, this is the type of game the Nintendo Wii wanted to make but never could.

The game featured a training, beginner and expert levels and it really brought the fun of the arcades to your living room through the PlayStation One. Time Crisis is also worth mentioning when discussing Point Blank, however as Point Blank was wackier and more fun it pipped Time Crisis to a spot on this list.

Crash Bandicoot

If you’re wondering which Crash game, the answer is all of the ones which appeared on the PS One, they are: Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, Crash Bandicoot: Warped and last but not least Crash Team Racing.

Crash is for the PS One what Halo is for Xbox, Mario for Nintendo and Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega consoles, when talking about the PlayStation One, Crash Bandicoot will always be mentioned.

Brought to life by Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot is instantly recognisable (disregard the Radical Entertainment games which ruined the look of Crash) and all the games which featured on the PS One are colourful, family friendly and amazingly fun.

Even Crash Team Racing was a great game and was Sony’s answer to Mario Kart 64 (although not as good). With it being twenty years of the PlayStation hopefully Naughty Dog and Sony will team up again to release a Crash game, however with the success of the Nathan Drake games it seems highly unlikely.CQElnnTWcAA6-33

Those are six games that defined the PlayStation One although there are numerous games which could have appeared such as Rosco McQueen, Hercules, Gex, Tekken, Tomb Raider, Cool Boarders, Spyro the Dragon, MediEvil and countless others that showcase the brilliance of the PS One.

Let me know what you think of my list and if you agree/disagree or had played any of these games. Feel free to make your own lists in the comment section and if there is any game which you feel defined the PS One era that should have been included in my list. Don’t forget to check out the next edition, out October 5th, for our article celebrating twenty years of PlayStation in Europe.