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Protest organiser explains why Scientology is a dangerous cult that destroys peoples lives


The woman behind a planned protest outside the new Scientology Org in Firhouse tomorrow says Scientologists are “dangerous quacks working with other crazy cults in a bid to reek havoc on society.”

With the Head of Scientology David Miscavige (pictured above) due in Firhouse tomorrow to officially open the new base located in the Victory Centre, Cork woman Fiona O’Leary tells InTallaght why she has organised a protest to coincide with the opening.

“We are staging a peaceful protest tomorrow, Saturday, because we want to stop the development of the Scientology cult here in Ireland.

“I am an Autism campaigner based in Cork and founder of the group Autistic Rights Together.
“We try to educate society about autism and the misinformation that is being spread by quacks and the anti vaccine movement.

“I am on the Autism spectrum myself, as are two of my five wonderful children, and I campaign against bogus so called autism “treatments.”

“That’s how I initially encountered Scientology as members of the cult were saying they could “make autistic children talk” and “cure” them.

“One of those bogus autism “cures” we have protested against is the bleach product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)

“Last year I was in court with the Health Products Regulatory Authority regarding MMS and together we made it illegal in Ireland.”

Final preparations being made this afternoon for tomorrows opening 

In 1969 the Church of Scientology set up a non profit organisation called Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) who’s mission is to “eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections.”

Scientology is against all forms of psychiatry which it calls “an industry of death,” but Fiona says the cults own methods are extremely dangerous.

“CCHR is a scam, a front group for the Scientology cult

“They are anti psychiatry and prescribed medications but have no problem offering quack ‘treatments’ to autistic children.

“They believe that psychiatry is violating the human rights of children with mental health issues and conditions like autism but giving unproven and unregulated products to autistic children is not seen as a violation of human rights in their eyes!

“The spokespeople for CCHR, John Wood and Gemma Harris, are batshit crazy and endorse unproven and dangerous ‘therapies’ for autism. Both are Scientologists.”

Fiona says when she tells American ex scientologists about this new centre the cult is opening in Firhouse they are baffled and can’t “understand why the council in Dublin would allow it.”

Whereas other European countries like France, Belgium, Germany and Russia, have made the Church of Scientology very unwelcome, Ireland has allowed them operate.

In France Scientologists have been convicted of fraud and Belgium tried to outlaw Scientology as a criminal organisation after an investigation that took almost twenty years.

This summer Russia’s federal security services raided properties connected to the cult in Moscow and St Petersburg launching a probe into illegal entrepreneurship, extremism and incitement of hatred.

Five Scientologists are still in a Russian jail awaiting trial.

The organisation say its purpose in Ireland is to “hope for a better world and for happier lives, and to share the practical solutions that turn those hopes into reality”.


Plenty of black clad security guards around the site keeping watch for anyone taking photos

Another worrying development is the cults growing links with the Nation of Islam, a group who’s stated goals are to “improve the spiritual, mental, social, and economic condition of African Americans in the United States and all of humanity” but who are classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Fiona said the two organisations have a shared common interest:

“The Nation Of Islam is aligning itself with Scientology due to their links to the anti-vaccine Cult VAXXED

“Nation Of Islam are extremists who promote dangerous pseudoscience regarding vaccines, saying they are toxic and cause autism, they also spew homophobia and anti semitism.

“Last weekend Scientologists from all around the world gathered at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead UK to celebrate the IAS (International Association Of Scientologists)

“Nation Of Islam attended this big event along with business tycoon Jim Mathers.

“Mathers is a Scientologist and donates a lot of money to this cult, he is known as a whale.

“Matters can be seen at the IAS event with Nation of Islam and their spokespersons promoting the opening of the Firhouse building.

“The Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad, who attended this week’s Scientology in Ireland launch, has claimed that some vaccinations were “genetically modified” to attack black and Latino males.”

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is on record as saying has he first heard about Scientology 40 years ago, but it was Tony Muhammad who introduced him to it.

In 2005, Muhammad was beaten by the LAPD at a prayer vigil he’d organised for a young man killed in a drive-by shooting.

The incident had a profound effect on his mental health and pushed him into a depressed state.

A friend told him about Scientology, which he credits with saving his life, and helping him regain his mental health.

When Farrakhan later met with Muhammad, he was amazed by the transformation and, as Muhammad says on an audio clip posted on YouTube, said: “Whatever you’re on—I want some of it.”

Jim Mathers and Tony Muhammad at last weeks launch

Local county councillors were invited to see the new building but so far all have declined.

It is understood that the new Org will “employ” up to 250 staff, all of whom will be foreign volunteers, and Fiona believes some of them may be here against their will.

“They bring people from all over the world, I know of one young man from Ghana who was brought from his country for five years, even though he didn’t want to leave.

“They target lonely or vulnerable people with promises of great jobs then exploit them for years, it’s almost slavery.

“How they are getting visas I don’t know.

“I hope we can get plenty of local people to come to our peaceful protest tomorrow which starts at 2.30.

“I know the people of Firhouse are not happy about the Scientologists moving in and a lot have been questioning why the Victory Centre couldn’t have been given over to be used as a community centre.

“From what I’ve been told, I believe Scientologists have already been patrolling Firhouse, calling to the pub in the morning, checking the place out and going around asking “why do Irish people drink so much?”

“Scientology is a dangerous cult that destroys peoples lives.”

For more information on tomorrows protest please click on the following link Protest to Stop Scientology Facebook page

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