Pokemon Go’s rumoured new update will allow players to bond with the creatures like never before


A new “buddy system” is thought to be a feature of the app’s upcoming update allowing trainers and Pokemon to bond for the first time.

Just when you thought the novelty of Pokemon Go had worn off, a rumour has emerged teasing game-changing new features for players.

A “buddy system” has reportedly been encoded in the latest app update and, after the data was broken down, it seems players will soon be able to interact with their favourite Pokemon like never before.

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon trainers will be able to take a walk with one Pokemon at a time and depending on the distance travelled together, users will be rewarded with a candy or two – the exact number has not been determined.

Players will be able to walk the same Pokemon a number of times, although there’s supposedly to be a limit on the amount of candies on offer in one day.

Pokemon Go
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What’s even better is the Pokemon are thought to appear on-screen alongside players’ avatars in two sizes – either medium or large – flying next to them or resting on their shoulder.

Trainers should be able to win candy to power up and evolve their Pokemon without having to catch (and discard) several of the same characters as before, all while building a relationship with their favourites.

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Sadly, the rumours are just that at the moment – rumours – but judging by the in-depth analysis from Pokemon Go Hub, the prospect is looking promising!