Pierce Brosnan to star in a new TV series called ‘The Son’


Pierce Brosnan is returning to TV with a new AMC series called The Son

You may be thinking you haven’t seen Brosnan in a TV series in a long time and you would be right. The last time the Irishman done any TV work was back in the 1980s. Then he stared in series Remington Steele that went off the air in 1987. He of course went on to have a hugely successful film career that saw him play James Bond on four occasions.

So what’s this show about? The Son is described as a multi-generational epic that follows America’s birth as a superpower thorugh the bloody rise and fall of one Texas family.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing Brosnan back on the small screen and if its taken him this long to take on a TV role we can only guess it is something special that has taken his attention.