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Personal training taken to a new level with introduction of an app


Personal training is very much the on trend fitness regime these days. Years ago it was something that only the rich and famous enjoyed but over time it has become far more affordable.

For some people the gym just doesn’t work for them and that can be for a number of reasons, personally it never worked for me I always felt I needed someone there beside me to give me that extra push.

Last month I began training with fitness and lifestyle coach Keith Homan at the Macho Gym located on Ballymount Road Lower, Walkinstown. He works on a one to one personal training bases but also in groups of three. Having only ever had one to one personal training I wasn’t too keen on classes on three but said I would give it a go.

Having visited many gyms throughout Dublin I have to say the Macho gym is exactly the environment you want for your personal training. It has everything needed for your classes and all in a very welcoming setting. There are many classes going on around you when you arrive which is great for those of you would feel slightly more self conscious in the gym.

The classes of three with Keith are something I would recommend to just about everyone. It feels like a one to one as he is always there to help you out with not just routine but also give advice on weights and technique.

For me the one thing that stood out most from the beginning with Keith was his push for the My PT Hub app. After setting up an account Keith had all my routines for each hour logged. I wont lie I had no interest at first and really couldn’t see the point in it what so ever but after a few classes I got used to logging what weights I was lifting and I realised just how vital it was to my progress throughout the month.

Without sounding dramatic the app really is life changing for those who just need that extra kick in the gym. There is videos to accompany you throughout your workout to help you get the technique correct. It also logs all your previous classes which really helps you increase your weight each time.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain or simply tone up Keith’s personal training classes will have you covered. No matter what your fitness levels are it really doesn’t matter as he devises plans to suit every body shape and more importantly help you with a vision for where you want to be and explains just what you need to do it get there.

For more information on classes check out Keiths Facebook today.