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Paying for the bus with your bank card may become a reality



Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes has said that paying for the bus, Luas or DART with your bank card may become reality. Mr Hayes has been campaigning for the introduction of contactless debit card payment on public transport in Dublin. Transport operators in London have introduced a similar system over a year ago.

“The National Transport Authority (NTA) has confirmed to me that they are investigating the use of contactless bank cards for paying for public transport. A number of technical and payments experts have been hired to develop such a system.

“London introduced their Oyster Card 8 years before Irelands’ Leap Card. The Leap Card has been a great success but to make public transport more attractive and convenient we need to change with the times.

“There are great benefits to the contactless system. The biggest plus is that commuters would not need to worry about topping up their Leap Card. It would also encourage those that don’t use public transport regularly and don’t have a Leap Card to use public transport as they would avoid the much higher cash fare.

“I hope that progress can be made throughout 2016 in developing this system.”