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Palestinian Flag to Fly Over City Hall Next Month


All you have to do is look hard enough at the news reports each day to see the devastating events that are taking place in Palestine.

It is no surprise to see many Irish citizens speak out against the Israeli occupation and now Dublin will once again have it’s say on the topic as a City Council sub-committee has passed a motion to fly the Palestinian flag over City Hall.

The motion was proposed by People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons and was passed last Thursday, but will need to go before the full council before the motion is passed. He said it was a gesture of “solidarity” with the people of Palestine, and said that Irish people have held large demonstrations in support of the Palestine state in recent years.

Cllr Lyons who was quoted in the Independent.ie describes the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as an “apartheid regime”.

“If the flag was to cause a bit of a debate amongst some people who are unsure of it flying over City Hall I think that’s a welcome development,” he said. “I think the gesture itself is a symbolic one, the flying of the flag. I think more and more people are of the opinion that the very state of Israel and how it’s behaving in an extreme manner is actually destabilising its cause and argument. I think it’s opening more people’s eyes just to the actual reality of the daily life of Palestinians living under occupation which is a brutal life really”