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Paddy Holahan leaves SBG Tallaght


The shock announcement came yesterday morning via the SBG Tallaght Facebook page that Paddy had left over a “staffing issue.”

The message, which was posted by the SBG Senior Management, said they were “working hard on finding a replacement.”

Judging from the huge volume of support messages for Paddy posted on SBG’s Facebook page it is a decision that is not going to go down well with many members saying they were now going to leave.

Other members said they only joined the gym because the hugely popular and massively respected local man was the head coach.

Paddy, who as well as being head coach was very much the public face of the local branch of the SBG gyms which opened last June, responded to the announcement in a closed Facebook group. It read:

“As of Tuesday 21st February 2017. I am not in anyway connected with SBG Tallaght on the Belgard Road. I will not be teaching any classes, be connected to any programs or advertising related to it.

“In relation to the aforementioned “Staffing issues” I would never terminate someone’s employment who was part of the SBG Tallaght’s plan before anyone else. Loyalty is key to me.

“I apologise to all my students for the invoncenience of changing of my location, but I am still fully committed to my plan to improve our area with SBG martial arts programs.

“I have located a temporary place from next week to train and plan to continue what we started until we secure a permanent home for SBG D24 which myself and Joey Breslin will take charge of.

“Lots of people have been asking questions regarding the status of their membership carrying over. The answer is no. We will be a seperate club but still operating in Tallaght.”