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Over a third of Irish to buy a real Christmas tree this year


Will you buy a real Christmas tree this year? According to a consumer survey by the Christmas Tree Growers Association as part of the ‘Love a Real Tree’ campaign, 44% of Irish households are likely to buy a real tree this year.

Meanwhile one in five adults (21%) said that they would “always” buy a real Christmas tree. The scent of a Christmas tree in the house was the number one reason why the majority buy a real tree, while tradition and the experience of picking out the tree were also rated highly.

The ‘Love a Real Tree’ campaign also launched a national tree labelling system this year to help consumers and their families select Irish grown Christmas trees.

Dermot Page, Chairman of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association said:

“We’re encouraging families to seek out the ‘Love A Real Tree’ label and to make sure that they are buying an Irish-grown tree. By doing this, they will be supporting more local jobs and will also be investing in a home-grown tree that is natural, sustainable, recyclable and that will decorate their home for the entire festive season.”

There are currently over 5,000 acres of Christmas trees planted in Ireland, with an estimated 300,000 trees harvested and sold every year. The most popular tree varieties in Ireland are the Nordmann Fir and the Noble Fir.

Last year saw an increase in the sales of smaller, three to four foot trees, which are seen as more suitable for apartment living. Another trend is families taking home a small tree for their child’s bedroom along with a bigger one for the main room.

The value to the Irish economy is estimated to be €15 million with exports worth an additional €6 million. Irish grown Christmas trees are exported to the UK, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.