Opera Mini: the inexpensive mobile browser is updated with a new interface and customization options

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1591097265 134 1366 2000.jpg

Opera Mini: the inexpensive mobile browser is updated with a new interface and customization options

Opera Mini has just been updated to version 50. On the occasion of this update, the browser has been given a new design and interesting customization options such as being able to change the browser colours, the theme, improvements at the download level, video playback and more.

We are going to see all the news of this update, since Opera Mini is an interesting browser especially for cheap mobiles, due to the little it occupies and how optimized it is for operating with few resources.

Opera Mini 50 brings interesting news

Opera Mini Interface

Opera Mini has been updated to version 50. This update brings improvements at the interface, user experience and customization level. First of all, now we can finally enjoy the dark theme. This can activate manually or automatically adjust to the theme that we are using on our Android mobile.

Opera Mini improves on the level of customization, functions and overall user experience. This is the most aggressive redesign in years

In the same way, it is striking that we can change the accent colours of the browser, all of them with a fairly Material Design palette that does not feel bad at all. Thus, we can create our own themes customized in the browser.

Another change comes in the data saving mode, now more efficient and shown just after opening the application. Thus, when we open the browser we can see exactly how much data we have saved. However, the biggest improvement comes at the main interface level. Now the contents are better grouped, especially those referring to the news that the browser shows.

Now there is a clear division between categories, very clean and customizable. We can choose themes such as Science, Technology, Business, Lifestyle, Motor, Health, Tourism, etc. Without giving up on the way to the ‘For you’ section, in which those contents that Opera understands may interest us, based on our preferences.

Opera Mini