Online planning requests on the way say Clare County Council

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Clare PEOPLE will soon be able to apply to build a home from the comfort of their couch, with plans for the introduction of online planning apps.

The Clare County Council is expected to implement the new system next year. Councilmember Cillian Murphy outlined the need for an online system for submitting planning requests at the monthly council meeting.

He described it as “crazy” for people to prepare planning applications digitally on a computer before printing them and traveling to the planning office, where they are then digitized again by scanning. He said this is a waste of resources, noting that there would be environmental benefits if planning agents did not have to travel to the planning office.

Councilmember Donna McGettigan agreed that it “makes sense” to allow planning requests to be made online. Councilman Gerry Flynn said it “seems practical,” however he cautioned that not everyone is computer literate. “This would have to be inclusive, we have to serve the 405 who do not know information technology,” he said.

Liam Conneally, Service Director, said at the meeting: “Like most other local authorities, it is currently not possible for the public, developers or agents to run planning applications online. Currently, applications must be submitted in hard copy. In preparation for applications, presentations, etc. ePlanning, the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) is developing an online ePlanning Project for national use.

“This online planning system will allow ePlanning applications to be made and applicants will be electronically updated on the progress of their application. The project aims to improve efficiency, reduce the potential for invalid applications, and comply with the government’s strategy to move more public services online.

“The ePlanning project is currently in its final stages of development and testing, after which the LGMA will take care of national implementation. The Clare County Council has been consulted during its development, thus ensuring that the electronic system will meet our operational requirements and will integrate as closely as possible with existing systems. I expect the system to be active in Clare County Council in mid-2022. ”

He said that moving online “is a matter of time. He added that councilors’ comments will be taken into account and he anticipates that there will be a ‘dual’ system in place initially with online and paper applications “until planning agents and individuals are more comfortable” with the system in place. line.