Halloween at Tymon Parkrun


Parkrun is a free 5km run event – it’s you against the clock!

I dropped down to Tymon Parkrun that takes place in Tymon Park, Greenhills, Dublin 24. This particular parkrun has roughly +80 participants a week! When I visited it happened to be Halloween and so the runners were running in their Halloween costumes! Everyone seemed to have fun on the run and enjoy the day, and to finish off a fun day the volunteers provided goodies for all the participants at the end. I sat down to speak with Aisling Coppinger, the Parkrun director for Tymon Parkrun.

I loved the idea of a free event, run by the community that didn’t intimidate new runners. I wanted to set one up in a residential area that might encourage total beginners because of its local nature.

This event would not happen without the hard-working volunteers who give up their Saturday mornings to help out so that the run goes  smoothly. Parkrun isn’t just based in Tymon – check out the parkrun website to find your local park run!

To sign up to Parkrun is really easy. Login to www.parkrun.ie where you register yourself a unique barcode. This allows you to run any parkrun in the world! You just print out your barcode and bring it along and run or walk your way around! You can even bring your dog!


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