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O’Connor welcomes Recycling Banks Initiative


Councillor Charlie O’Connor has welcomed the announcement by South Dublin County Council of their approval for a €5,000 grant from Waste Enforcement Regional Read Authority (WERLA) for cleanup, signage and an audio monitoring device at the Council’s Recycling Centre in Sean Walsh Park.

The Council was responding to an enquiry he made after the matter was brought to his attention by Tallaght Community Council and others, for effective action to deal with the poor condition of the Recycling Banks in Sean Walsh Park close to the entrance at Tallaght Stadium.

In its report Council Management stated:

“The unfortunate reality is that many of our bring banks experience large scale illegal dumping.

“What is described as ‘clothes overspill’ are bags of clothes which are too large to be place in the recycling bin being dropped on the ground beside the container.

“Similarly with the beer boxes, there is no container for these and they should be brought home by the user (but are not).  Nonetheless we do need to continue to provide recycling facilities for those people who use them in an appropriate manner.

“What we have at this site are 3 glass recycling containers, 2 can containers and 5 textile containers.

“There are also 3 items which look like litter bins but are in fact access points to an underground recycling facility which was installed 10 or more years ago but went out of service soon after due to technical problems.

“Regrettably it has not been possible to have this facility brought back into service.

“We are amenable to removing the can and textile banks from this site, as it seems that the County is reasonably well covered by textile recycling points both on public and private property, and cans may be disposed of in the household green bin.

“We will examine the possibility of having the over ground part of the underground facility removed, and if all of this can be done we would then have only the 3 glass banks remaining.

“While these were painted in the past 2 to 3 years it is acknowledged that they are now in need of repainting, and we will arrange for this to be undertaken as part of the anti-dumping grant initiative.”

Charlie O’Connor believes this will be seen as positive news from the Council and he said he will continue to represent the concerns of Tallaght Community Council and others in respect of the situation at Sean Walsh Park.

He also said he would continue to raise these issues directly with Council Management and through business at the Tallaght Area Committee.