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O’Connor calls for progress on Pavilion Programme


Local Councillor Charlie O’Connor says he has once again called on Council Management to progress the Pavilion Programme in the county.

At the recent Council meeting he asked the council management to confirm actions being taken to deliver the Pavilion in Dodder Valley – Old Bawn Park.

At that meeting, the CEO of the Council reported:

“The aim of the current pavilion construction programme is to provide for the provision of further pavilion facilities; commencing with provision at Dodder Valley-Old Bawn Park, Griffeen Park and Corkagh Park.

“A tender process was carried for the Pavilion programme in 2016; it did not achieve results in either value for money, design innovation or the creation of a list of suitable contractors.

“It was agreed to re-tender the Pavilion programme using the more successful tender model of design-build allied to more traditional construction successfully employed on the now completed Ballyowen equine centre.

“The tender was bases on evaluation criteria balancing quality and price.

“The preferred bidders tender following evaluation was over €450,000 more than the budget capital cost allocation already agreed in light of sports grant. A revised and reduced design was prepared by Architects Dept. and costed by the preferred bidder but the cost is still 300,000 in excess of the budget amount and is not seen as good value for money.

“The tender strategy is now under review and will be retendered shortly.”

Cllr O’Connor says he continues to receive many enquiries from the general Old Bawn area in respect of proposals for a Pavilion in Dodder Valley Park and he has asked Council Management to continue to lease with local residents in that regard.

He has been told that the Council intends to meet local resident’s groups in the matter “in the coming weeks”.

With regards to another matter O’Connor has also raised with the Council, the concerns of Parkwood Residents Association and local residents in respect of the poor condition and image of the unused containers in the Park and the Council has responded that “it is also the intention of the Council to deal with the unused containers”.

Charlie O’Connor has assured local groups and residents of his particular support regarding these matters.