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O’Connor calls for action on Gallaher’s site


Local Councillor Charlie O’Connor has called on South Dublin County Council to take action to deal with the poor image of the former Gallaher’s site on Greenhills Road, Tallaght.

He said that he has had numerous representations from the local community in respect of the matter and was anxious to seek the site sorted out.

The CEO of South Dublin County Council, in a detailed response, told Cllr O’Connor:

“Enforcement & Licensing Section has being monitoring this site on an on-going basis for some time.

“The perimeter of this site is subject to on-going vandalism and the site building has been broken into from time to time.

“Statutory Notices have been served on the site under both the Derelict Sites Act 1990 as amended and the Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act 1964, as amended, in 2016.

“Following all Notices served, to date, the Property Management Company of the former Gallaher’s site site has been very co-operative and has addressed all issues brought to attention i.e. removal of rubble/debris and rubbish, cutting back of all overgrown vegetation/weeds, securing of the site and blocking up of all entry points and the chain link fence was removed at our request and replaced with additional palisade fencing.

“A drive-by inspection by the Building Inspection on 21st February during his rounds alerted Enforcement & Licensing Section to possible breaches in the fencing at the former Gallaher’s site.  An immediate telephone call was made to the Property Management Company to alert them to the current situation at the site on that day.

“A further inspection is imminent and appropriate action as required will be statutorily requested.”

According to Charlie O’Connor, this is an important issue for the community and he says he intends to closely monitor the situation.