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O Connor welcomes Dodder Valley Parks works


Local Councillor Charlie O’Connor is happy South Dublin County Council will begin work on the Weir in Dodder Valley Park at Old Bawn following representations from Parkwood Residents Association and residents of the Old Bawn area.

He raised the matter at the October meeting of the Tallaght Area Committee and sought action in respect of what residents describe as the hidden Weir in Dodder Valley Park at Old Bawn bridge.

He also added that residents are upset at what they see as a beautiful waterfall lining hidden by dense shrubbery and trees that are overgrown.

The response from Council Management:

“The Council’s Public Realm Section gave a commitment in 2015 to address this matter by clearing overgrowth in the area, and while a certain amount of work was done in this regard it has not achieved the aim of exposing the bridge and weir to view from Dodder Valley Park.

“It is proposed that work will commence during the week commencing Monday October 24th to address this matter.

“A tracked machine with flail head is required to be hired which will be able to access the river bank and do the necessary clearance.

“Once this aspect of the work is done Public Realm staff will then complete the works with handheld hedge trimmers and chainsaws. It is expected that this work will be completed within a period of three weeks approximately.”

Charlie O’Connor said he believes this is an important issue for the local community and he looks forward to the works being completed.