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Not for profit organisation says they have plan to ease housing crisis

The organisation, called Right2Homes, supports and helps families who find themselves faced with imminent loss of their family home or who have already lost their family home.

Backed by a number of businesspeople and lawyers, Right2Homes say they have the funding, project management and suppliers to provide “a turnkey, fully funded, temporary solution to local authorities to help provide homes”.

The organisation’s co-founder, Malahide businessman Brian Reilly, has experience in this area having previously being involved in a housing association scheme in the late 1970’s which built 28 houses for the Howth fishing community. He was also involved in a a later, not-for-profit housing scheme at Raheny, on Dublin’s northside.

He said a current offer from the Irish League of Credit Unions to create a €5 billion fund for social housing “should be taken very seriously” and called for the next government to “show political will” towards finding innovative solutions for the housing crisis.

Another person involved in the organisation is constitutional barrister David Langwallner who is currently taking a constitutional case against laws which provide for repossessions of homes by lending agencies bound up in the Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013.

Most of the families who lose their home are then forced into the private rental accommodation sector and more are housed in emergency accommodation in B&B’s and Hotel’s.

Under their proposal Right2Homes would offer up to four-bedroom modular houses to local authorities for a five-year lease. The organisation claims it can offer the authorities lower rates than those they are paying for hotel or bed-and-breakfast accommodation for the homeless.

The council would retain ownership of the land and, at the end of the five-year period, Right2Homes can either remove the homes to realise their residual value or enter a new deal with the authority.

Mr Reilly said the offer was being made to facilitate families “in desperate need of a stable, medium-term, safe environment in which to raise their families, on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis”.

For more information go to www.right2homes.com