Nobby lacks style as creator Sacha Baron Cohen dresses down for Grimsby premiere


Sacha Baron Cohen has made a special eye-catching appearance on the red carpet for the London premiere of his new film Grimsby.

Dressed in character as lead protagonist Nobby Grimsby, the 44-year-old braved the cold weather by dressing down.

In place of a smart suit or a tuxedo, he instead wore a polo neck, socks, sandals and underwear. Sporting a paunch and a beer can, the look was rounded off with side-burns and the type of hair-cut that invited comparisons to rocker brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher from Oasis.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Nobby Grimsby
Sacha Baron Cohen as Nobby Grimsby (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Sacha, creator of Borat, Bruno and Ali G, plays a perpetually unemployed, but fun-loving football fan in Grimsby.

The film, which also stars Sacha’s wife Isla Fisher, follows father-of-nine Nobby, from Grimsby in north Lincolnshire, who is happily settled with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson).

But the one thing missing in his life is his younger brother Sebastian (played by Mark Strong), from whom he was separated as a child.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Nobby Grimsby at the London premiere
Sacha Baron Cohen as Nobby Grimsby at the London premiere (Joel Ryan/AP)

After 28 years, Nobby tracks his sibling down – but is unaware he is now an MI6 assassin. As the film unfolds, the brothers must unite to defeat a plot to destroy the world.

The actor and comedian has made a habit of appearing on the red carpet in character.

In 2012, he arrived at the Oscars as Admiral General Aladeen from his movie The Dictator, flanked by uniformed female bodyguards and carrying an urn which he claimed was filled with the ashes of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

It was, in fact, flour. He was escorted off the red carpet after pouring the urn over host Ryan Seacrest.

For the London premiere of Borat, Sacha arrived in a cart led by a mule, filled with Kazakhstan “natives”.