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No, thanks…: Neymar met with Real Madrid’s emissary after announcing that he will stay at PSG.


Neymar will play this season in PSG and doesn’t want to know more about Real Madrid or Barcelona. Already intimated both clubs.

According to the prestigious French newspaper L’Equipe; Neymar’s story seems to be coming to an end. Real Madrid and Barcelona fought for him in recent months, but everything seems to have a more than the sad ending for both. None of them will be able to get the services of the footballer who has decided to stay one more season in PSG.

This Friday, Leonardo revealed that “the first time that we received a proposal of the Barca by Neymar was the on 27th of August. There has never been an agreement that accepts our conditions”, with which the options were minimised more and more.

After deciding to continue in France, Neymar met with an emissary from Real Madrid to inform him that he does not intend to leave this transfer market.

According to L’Equipe, Neymar told his family about his decision to stop the talks, so the PSG striker’s entourage, who was ready to take 20 million euros out of his pocket to leave, told both clubs on Saturday.

Real Madrid remained attentive to the possibility of being able to sign the Brazilian until the end. They expected Barcelona to desist from offering to enter, move their fingers, and convince him.

Now, the Brazilian has his mindset on the return with his team, which will face in a friendly against Colombia and Peru in the United States. After that, he will be under the orders of Tuchel to make his debut in Ligue 1, where the PSG have not managed to exercise their favouritism.

Neymar had already ruled out Real Madrid

Barcelona was in dispute with PSG to reach an agreement for Neymar. Real Madrid was on the lookout, but the attacker made it clear that he only wants to go back to Catalonia. Leonardo, the sports director of the PSG team, said so, according to the newspaper Sport.

“He has assured that Real Madrid is out of any negotiation at the wish of Neymar himself, who has told the director that he has no intention of stopping at the Real Madrid,” is what indicates by the Catalan media.