No one died yesterday from coronavirus in China

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A group of people exercise in a park in Shenyang, China. / Afp
A group of people exercise in a park in Shenyang, China.

It is the first day in which the number of deceased falls to zero, but imported infections continue to increase

For the first time since the coronavirus epidemic broke out, yesterday there were no deaths from COVID-19 in China. Seventy-four days after Wuhan closed, the most tragic counter returned to zero, and the total number of fatalities in the world’s most populous country remained unchanged at 3,340. It is, without a doubt, the most hopeful data that comes from the Asian giant, where normality is gradually recovering. In essence, most companies and businesses have reopened, and at its doors, many educational centres have resumed classes, and the population even celebrates picnics in the parks.

However, Chinese specialists emphasize that it is too early to claim victory and stress that the knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 is still minimal. Because, 690 asymptomatic people remain under observation in Hubei province, the epicentre of the pandemic, and scientists continue to carry out tests to determine if those who never suffer the consequences of the disease despite being infected are capable of infecting other people or not. And, if so, to determine how long.

Added to this concern is that of cases imported from abroad. Even though the borders of China remain closed for all nationalities except their own, 32 new infections from other countries were registered yesterday, bringing the total number to 983. None have died, and 285 have already been discharged. Medical. In any case, Beijing has announced that, given the increase in situations around the world, will impose more restrictive border measures, where the capacity to carry out tests will be increased. However, the Xinhua agency did not give more information about it.

Finally, aware of the doubts that the official data cause around the world and of the criticism that the provincial authorities are receiving for the opaque initial management of the crisis, the Chinese government has also decided post a timeline of your performance to point out that it has acted with total transparency and at the highest possible speed.

According to the same document, the Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention detected atypical pneumonia “in late December – it was in the middle of it – and on the 31st of that month, it alerted the World Health Organization. President Xi Jinping ordered to combat the outbreak on January 7, but the Wuhan quarantine was not decreed until two weeks later. However, regardless of the numbers of infected and deceased, there is no doubt that the drastic measures implemented by China have affected.

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