New Ryanair planes to be based outside of UK due to Brexit


Irish low cost airlines Ryanair have said they will base all 50 of their new planes outside of the UK because of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Since the UK voted to leave there have been a number of companies who have hinted at a move.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary said there was “much more political certainty in continental Europe”, and warned of lower growth over the next few years.

Mr O’Leary said:

“We’re being very cautious about the amount of capacity we’re allocating to the UK over the next two or three years until we get some kind of indication of what Brexit will look like. It’s not because we’re annoyed or anything with the UK, but we have much more political certainty in continental Europe than we have in the UK while they’re all running around trying to work out what Brexit looks like.”

O’ Leary went on to explain his view on the exit from Europe and commented on a number of jobs that are set to be lost;

“None of the new aircraft we take delivery of next year will be based here in the UK and already you can see the Brexit decision is costing real jobs, real visitors are being lost and real investment is being postponed.”