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New People Before Profit Councillor for Tallaght South


Following the resignation of Nicky Coules on health grounds, the Tallaght branch of People Before Profit have co-opted Emma Hendrick onto the council seat representing the Tallaght South ward. This co-option took effect at the Monday 25th September South Dublin County Council meeting.

Councillor Emma Hendrick said:

“This is a daunting challenge, but one that I am honoured to be taking on.

“Our ex-councillor, Nicky Coules, is retiring on health grounds, and I will make it my business to follow in his footsteps. This means fighting for working people in areas like healthcare, housing and child care.

“It also means standing with the people of Jobstown in the face of bogus charges and media attacks.”

She added:

“Tallaght is one of the poorest areas in Dublin and years of austerity have left too many people struggling to make ends meet.

“This makes life harder than it should be, particularly for many women and children. Seeing this inequality was one of the reasons that I got involved in politics.

“The other reason was a passion for social justice. The 1% caused a crisis that made life harder for everyone else. Meanwhile, they got back to doing what they do best – making money.”

“People Before Profit is a thirty-two county grassroots organisation that stands for social rights and equality.

“As a councillor, I will support local campaigns and make sure people get all of the resources they are entitled to.

“I will also stand for women’s rights and refuse to go on any junkets. People Before Profit wants Tallaght to be a place where no child has to go hungry and where no adult has to worry continuously about paying the bills.

“These goals should be possible and I will fight hard to make them a reality. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issues or concerns.”

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith said:

“I’d just like to extend a warm welcome to Emma Hendrick on her first day as a People Before Profit Councillor on South Dublin County Council.

“She is a brilliant young woman and I’m sure she’ll do a great job as a tribune of the people.

“Emma believes in equality and justice. She fights hard for her community. She puts the interests and needs of ordinary people at the heart of everything she does.”