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New caretaker won’t be sweeping anyone off their feet


Enda Kenny yesterday went from leader of the house to caretaker after no Taoiseach was elected at the first meeting of the 32nd Dail.

Following his failure to be re elected Mr Kenny travelled to Aras an Uachtarain last night to inform the President of his decision to resign.

A government statement was then released saying:

“The Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny, T.D., has this evening conveyed to the President his resignation from office.
“In accordance with the Constitution, the Government and the Taoiseach will continue to carry on their duties until successors have been appointed.”

Mr Kenny will continue in a caretaker role along with the outgoing cabinet until the various parties form a new government.

Neither he nor other the nominees Micheál Martin (FF), Gerry Adams (SF) or Richard Boyd Barrett (AAA-PBP) were able to secure enough votes.

Addressing the Dáil earlier yesterday Mr Kenny told the Irish people they have nothing to worry about.

“Let me assure the Irish people that a Government remains in place,” he said.

“I and my Cabinet colleagues will continue to work hard in the best interests of the country and all the people.

“As Taoiseach, and leader of the largest party in the house, I am fully committed to working over the coming weeks to ensure that the people get the government that they need and that they deserve and that they have given their verdict on.”

Enda Kenny will continue with official roles representing the country at a meeting with US President Barack Obama in Washington on St Patrick’s Day and at the European Council meeting in Brussels next week.

The Dáil has been adjourned until March 22, when there will be an update on talks to form a Government and statements on a number of issues.