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New art show Carnage Visors now at RUARED


Carnage Visors is a new art exhibition showcasing in RUARED this month and is curated by Paul McAree. Running from March 7th until April 9th, the exhibition is a metaphor for rose-tinted glasses and is a group show exploring the idea of making work today and the autonomy of an artwork versus being socially or politically aware.

Carnage visors 2

Carnage Visors seeks to propose that art can, and artists do, situate themselves as never before as a counterbalance to so much fleeting and temporary moments in the world, giving us a slower and more considered series of propositions within which to consider art and the world.

Presenting a diverse series of artworks from Richard T Walker’s reflections within the landscape, to Juntae TJ Hwang’s drunken webcam ranting – Carnage Visors proposes a bold optimism for artistic practice. Neil Carroll’s work experiments with traditional materials and uses them in a more organic way to explore creative expression and concerns. Carnage Visors also features works from Martin Healy, Amanda Coogan, Sonia Shiel, Nevan Lahart and Marcel Vidal.

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