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New affordable dentist clinic to open at Red Cow this month

3Dental Reception

Finally for all those who know the excessive cost of getting dental work done, there is good news. A new affordable clinic called 3Dental, is opening up at the end of March at Red Cow House on the Naas Road.

With more than 40 years dental experience between them Paul O’Connell, Peter Doherty and Niall Vallely are the men behind the new €3 million investment venture in South Dublin. After being inspired by a Conor Pope interview addressing the thousands of Irish people travelling abroad for dental work each year Niall contacted his Trinity College classmates Paul and Peter about offering a cost-effective model which would allow those people to be treated in Ireland.

The average cost of a crown in Dublin is €750 but thanks to the new economical model 3Dental will be doing the work for €400; as well as offering €25 scale and polish treatments – making low-cost dentistry available and accessible to people right across the country using 3Dental’s Three Core Values; quality, affordability and service.

3Dental clinic will also offer payment plans for clients to make sure the service is available to all. The facility has on-site parking for more than 30 cars and is just a five-minute walk from the Red Luas Line.

3Dental founders and dentists (Left to right) Niall, Peter and Paul
3Dental founders and dentists (Left to right) Niall, Peter and Paul

Niall, who has worked in Knocklyon Dental Surgery for 10 years, said:

“Listening to that Conor Pope radio interview was a real eye-opener because he asked the question why one or two young dentists hadn’t created an affordable dental surgery with a broad range of treatments. I met with Paul and Peter to discuss it and things started from there – so I guess we really do owe Conor Pope a debt of gratitude!”

Paul opened his own practice in Limerick in 2005 and soon realised that the huge costs involved – for both customers and dentists – could be addressed with some minor changes and a new way of thinking. His reworked dentistry model is more cost effective because the experienced professionals are now pooling skills and sharing costs. Paul said:

“This idea really worked in Limerick and I think there is a great opportunity for it to be successful in Dublin.”

Kilkenny man Peter currently carries out specialised treatments across the country and believes that 3Dental can make a real difference in the Irish market. He said:

“We want to put a stop to people travelling abroad for dental treatment – there is no need now when you can get excellent quality dentistry on your own doorstep for fees which are competitive with Eastern Europe.”

Together Paul, Niall and Peter are determined to revolutionise dentistry in the capital and also have plans to turn their West Dublin base into a comprehensive medical facility. Red Cow House has space for private GP, chiropractor, physiotherapy and weight-loss services – making it an ideal location for an all-encompassing medical village.

To date the venture has created 20 construction jobs as well as 15 staff jobs and has the capacity to add to that number during the planned expansion. To find out more about the services available visit the 3Dental website or see the 3Dental Facebook and Twitter accounts for opening offers.

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