Nelly loses his s**t as Dublin crowd forget his lyrics


It would be fair to say that American Hip Hop star Nelly wasn’t too happy when the crowd at his show in Vicar Street on Sunday night couldn’t sing along to his hit “Hot in Here.”

Considering the song was released in 2002 surely they could be forgiven for forgetting these poetic words:

“Unless you gon’ do it
“Extra, extra eh, spread the news
“Nelly took a trip from the Lunner to Neptune
“Came back with somethin thicker than fittin in sasoons
“Say she like to think about cutting in restrooms.”

How anyone could forget that is a mystery to me.

Yeats, Joyce et al eat yiz ‘er hearts out cuz ye got nothing on Nelly.

Nelly, who admirably tried to make wearing a sticky plaster on your face fashionable back in the day, looked like he was about to bust loose telling the crowd they were in big trouble.

Thankfully he was able to build a bridge and move on.