Nando’s fans are overjoyed that Perinaise from the restaurant is now on sale in supermarkets


Nando’s fans are Peri Peri happy one of their favourite products from the restaurant is now on sale in supermarkets.

PERinaise – Nando’s’ signature Peri-Peri blended mayo has hit the shelves of ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, and can be bought from Ocado online too.

And instead of a little pot for 50p on sale in restaurants, the supermarket version is 265g for £1.89.

Customers have taken to Twitter to share the good news as they came across PERinaise on sale.

Here’s how Nando’s describes PERinaise, which blends mayo with African Bird’s Eye Chillis: “Packed with heat and heart, the famed PERinaise flavour comes from your favourite restaurant straight to your dining room table, perfect for foodies and Nando’s fans.

“The unique bottle has been designed to easily squeeze PERinaise onto anything. Drizzle or lather onto your chips, crisps, sandwiches, salads or have it straight from the bottle.”