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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – Film Review


So here we have yet another sequel. Over the past 12 months we have had the likes of Jurassic Park and Rocky Balboa/Creed. Its been 14 years since the first instalment.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, when initially announced was a bit of a surprise as many asked was there really any need? I hadn’t seen the first film but that didn’t matter much as the story was pretty simple to follow.

I do believe most of the original cast have made a return too, so if you were a massive fan of the first then this is a must see.

Toula and Ian who were married in the first film are still married but her family are still a disaster. As you can imagine the storyline centres around their lives. Toula parents Gus and Maria have just found out after almost 50 years they never had their marriage certificate signed.

The film is pretty slow up to this point then all sorts of dramas enter their lives all at once. Maria wasn’t happy about how Gus proposed to her so asked him to do it again, he refuses and just wants a quick and romantic less wedding, Maria wants the opposite.

After a health scare Gus asks her to marry him again and that sets up the movie for the “Big Fat Greek Wedding”. The relationship between Toula and her seventeen-year-old goth daughter Paris, also takes centre stage at times with Gus wanting her to settle down and meet “a nice Greek boy”.

Overall this film will provide you with a few laughs, its harmless and don’t get me wrong some of the one liners from father Gus are priceless. If you enjoyed the first one 14 years ago you are going to love this.


** – Two Star