Murphy says DPP application to change bail conditions to prevent appearance at protest meeting “completely unprecedented and very sinister”


Dublin South West and Solidarity TD Paul Murphy was speaking outside the CCJ earlier today prior to a court hearing which could see him banned from attending a number of upcoming demonstrations for the Jobstown Not Guilty campaign.

Deputy Murphy is on bail ahead of a trial next month over the protest in Jobstown in which Joan Burton and her former special advisor were allegedly trapped in their car for over two hours.

Today the DPP will request that Murphy and other defendants be prevented from attending a number of protests at Liberty Hall one of which is planned for this Saturday.

Speaking outside the court, Deputy Murphy said:

“I think everybody here knows what this case is about.

“They’ve tried to say it’s not about the right to protest but then the actions of the DPP yesterday she that it’s only about the right to protest.

“This is what this case comes down to and so what’s going to take place today is unprecedented and very, very sinister and the DPP has made an application to gag all defendants from continuing to speak out and proclaim our innocence.”