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Mrs Brown donates another round of Christmas dinners


Mrs Brown AKA actor Brendan O’Carroll has donated Christmas dinners to over 2,500 families in the greater Dublin area.

The comedian and creator of the award winning Mrs Brown’s Boys has donated vouchers for turkey and ham to the East Region of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) for distribution to families supported by the Society.


As a result many families who might have missed out on this traditional Christmas meal will not be disappointed. For a number of years now Brendan O’Carroll has made a substantial donation to SVP to provide Christmas dinners.

Liam Casey, President of the SVP East Region said, 

“The continuous generosity of Brendan is unbelievable. It is an imaginative yet practical way to help many families in need. Our volunteers know that the families who benefit from his generosity not only appreciate his action but take extra pleasure in knowing that it comes with the compliments of Mrs Brown, an iconic and internationally famous Dublin mother.”


Calls for support to the SVP in the East Region are continuing to be received at record levels, despite the improvement in sections of the economy. This year the Region will have dealt with over 65,000 calls for help before the year is over.  Casey added:

“With such a level of calls our resources are fully stretched and we welcome all donations, whether financial or in the form of goods which can either be distributed directly to those in need or sold in our Vincent shops. The Irish public have been extremely generous to the SVP in the past and we are dependent on them to continue their support into the future.” 

If you would like to donate to St Vincent de Paul, click here.