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Moving documentary on man with muscular dystrophy fundraising for an Airsoft terrain wheelchair


TANK – Simon Jameson’s Story is a moving documentary about 27-year-old Simon Jameson who has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which has kept him wheelchair bound most of his life. Struggling with a terminal disease for any young person growing up would be tough. However for one remarkable individual such struggles are simply another facet of the enemy to be engaged on the battlefield. Despite this debilitating disease, Simon has been playing Airsoft, a military simulation sport like paintball, for the last nine years.

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Former Institute of Technology, Tallaght student Steven Sheehy filmed and edited the documentary and did so to help Simon raise funds for a new wheelchair.

Simon explains why he needs a new wheelchair:

“I use a reasonably rough terrain wheelchair but it is very limited as it is just normal wheelchair. It is the best I have been able to get my hands on…. I’m hoping that I can raise money to get this wheelchair so I can continue my dream of playing my sport without limitations as I had as my condition is extremely progressive and life expectancy is very short – this sport and my efforts will be my legacy.”


This short documentary shines light on his Warrior persona, and how one sport has brought him through all the hardships he’s faced in life.

If you would like to help Simon get his new chair and keep playing airsoft as ‘Tank’, please donate here.