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Movie Review – The Shallows


As a lover of sharks I was both excited and skeptical of the release of The Shallows. Many directors have tried and failed when trying to pull off what Steven Spielberg did with Jaws back in 1975.

Ok, so The Shallows isn’t going to rival the iconic Jaws but I don’t think the director Jaume Collet-Serra has tried to. Yes the film is set at sea and there is a shark involved but this film has a different feel to it. The leading actress, who is trying to avoid death from one of the biggest great white sharks I have ever seen, is Blake Lively who takes on the role of medical student Nancy.

While Nancy is out surfing alone she is attacked by a shark and is left stranded a few hundred metres from sea on a small piece of reef. As you can probably guess this film becomes the story of Nancy versus the shark. As the predator continues to circles her in its feeding ground Nancy must try to not just stay alive but stay out of the water.

Will The Shallows reach the heights of Jaws? No, but it is certainly one of the better shark thrillers we have had in a long time.