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Movie Review – The Purge: Election Year


Have you seen the previous Purge installments? No? Well don’t worry, the story is literally the same each time with a variation on just how everyone is murdered and just who is hunted.

That said I’m not complaining. From day one I have been a fan of this franchise, it’s the type of horror that follows an actual
plot. So what about the story this time? With a title like Election Year you may have gathered it’s all about the government.

Senator Charlie Roan is a presidential candidate who wants to make drastic changes to Purge night, so much so she wants it eradicated. Having survived the annual night as a child which took the life of her family she wishes to make the night a thing of the past.

That hasn’t gone down well with her opponents who are determined to remove her from power on that one night of the year. It is now up to her head of security to keep her alive during the next 12 hours of mayhem.