Movie Review: Everybody Wants Some – if you liked Dazed and Confused you’ll love this!


Advertised as the “spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused”, Everybody Wants Some is a fun movie about a group of college baseball players on the first weekend before class in the 1970s. Following Jake (Blake Jenner) as the awkward freshman who moves into the off-campus houses for the baseball team this movie echoes the greatness of Dazed and Confused with plenty of assh*le jocks and pretty ladies. There he meets a host of characters, from the wise and philosophical bullsh*tter Finnegan (Glen Powell) to the stoner Willoughby (Wyatt Russell) to the hick roommate from the south Beuter (Will Brittain).


Jake is the naive young guy joining a team of competitive sportsmen who more than anything want to be picked by national team. Set over three days, the film follows the guys as they navigate their first weekend as a team and attempt to get girls in various different social spots. There are more than a few laugh-out-loud moments and a kick-ass soundtrack to boot.

Despite one practice session, you don’t see much baseball, but you do see some great nostalgic moments with disco bars, country and western bars and even a theatre party. Written and directed by Richard Linklater who also made Boyhood, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight, you’d expect nothing but the best in dialogue and character development, which it does have, but it’s much more fun than that!

4/5 stars

Released May 13th