Home Movie Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War; My favourite Marvel movie so far!

Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War; My favourite Marvel movie so far!


As I was walking out of this preview screening I heard someone declare: “Marvel just handed DC their ass on a plate with that movie!”, and I have to agree. It far surpasses the recent efforts of Batman Vs Superman for simple reasons including a hypocritical Bruce Wayne ridiculously trying to take on an alien with super strength (because they all have super strength here).

Captain America: Civil War has pretty much everything you need for a successful superhero franchise movie; a great action-filled start, a bad guy who cannot be reasoned with (or found initially), and a host of cameos from other (recently transferred to the big screen) superheroes from the Marvel universe.

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When yet another Avengers mission (this time in Africa) ends in the deaths of innocents, the United Nations wants to nationalise the group so that all efforts at war are decided by a panel. This is when the ‘civil war’ part comes into effect; Iron man (Robert Downey Junior) wants to sign away their rights to act as they choose, while Captain America (Chris Evans) wants to remain without a master. And so the Avengers split and take sides while a bad guy (is it Bucky Barnes or is it somebody else?) reeks havoc around them.

The marketing team behind this movie is pretty smart too as they are encouraging a Twitter war on whose side you choose yourself. I have to confess I voted #teamironman, as he finds the time to discover a young Peter Parker AKA Spiderman (Tom Holland). HoweverI could be swayed as Captain America draws on Ant Man’s (Paul Rudd) capabilities to help him as well. There is a fantastic showdown of all the Avengers too, so most fans will enjoy that. I think though that the awe-struck meeting of the new recruits and the seasoned pros is just brilliant. Additionally we are introduced to Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) for the first time too who is pretty nifty with his claws despite some mockery about his outfit from the team!

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There is plenty of humour throughout, though slightly less than in previous Avengers’ movies, as if they realised toning it down would actually make the comedic moments stand out more. The only fault I can possibly give this movie is that it ran a little long, at nearly two and a half hours! Oh, that and the fact that there were only two female Avengers present, Black Widow – Scarlett Johannsson and Scarlet Witch – Elizabeth Olsen (although I suspect there will be more introduced in time). This is possibly my favourite Marvel movie so far and I would highly recommend it to all. Also some fun trivia, Irish viewers get to see this movie a full week before the US fans, so there’s something you can brag about on Twitter when choosing your team!

5/5 stars

Irish Release date: April 29, 2016, rated 12A.

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