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Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – a lenghty but impressive trip with DC’s finest


Even after watching two and half hours of this movie I don’t quite know what to make of it. It was enjoyable, it was visually impressive, and the cast did a very decent job of making me care about them. Ben Affleck was good as Batman too, which was everyone’s major concern. However despite it being very fun to watch, I couldn’t help but think it was rather superfluous and some parts just felt plain silly.

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Don’t get me wrong, I was as excited as the next DC fan to see how Batman and Superman would fight it out, and with the wonderful addition of a bad ass Wonder woman, what is there to complain about really? In fact, I really want to see more of this version of Wonder woman, played by the flawless Gal Godot.

In this movie, Batman becomes obsessed with taking down Superman, after a battle between the red-caped hero and an alien causes the destruction of one of his buildings and the death/maiming of many of his employees. Meanwhile Lex Luther is busy trying to create a weapon to control Superman as Superman himself comes to terms with the fact doing the right thing is a subjective interpretation at the best of times.

This movie is very serious, intense and full of characters with vendettas, with no comedy at all, which many other superhero movies have come to rely on, and maybe that’s why I wasn’t 100% taken with it. However, there are a few unintentionally funny moments when you realise how preposterous it is that a human man (despite how many push ups he does) could ever hope to beat an alien with superhuman strength and powers. Basically, it’s all a bit depressing and bleak, especially the ending. Also the one thing that didn’t impress me was Batman’s apparent physic powers (for the convenience of moving on the storyline he ‘sees’ some evidence that tells him who the bad guy is) and Superman’s hallucinations of his dead Dad. Other than that, I liked it, enjoyed it, and would definitely watch it again. Extra points for Jessie Eisenberg for being just mad enough as Lex Luther with ample daddy issues.

4/5 stars

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, Cert 12A, will be released in Ireland in 3D, 2D, and IMAX 3D on Friday March 25th

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