More security for your Android: Access Dots alerts you if an app uses the microphone or the camera

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More security for your Android: Access Dots alerts you if an app uses the microphone or the camera

Given the risk that an application uses the micro or the mobile camera without realizing why not have a system that alerts you to such use, both in the background and when the app is open? Well, Access Dots offers this service with an idea taken directly from iOS 14: colour dots to enhance security.

The latest version of iOS tests for Apple devices introduced a striking security improvement: notification points when any phone app accesses vital elements such as the microphone or the camera. Since the risk of being spied on is obvious, knowing when the phone hardware is used is of utmost importance; This is why Access Dots, a new app that imitates the operation of iOS 14 on Android, is so useful. And it can now be downloaded.

Find out when the microphone or camera of your Android is used

Access Dots

The functionality offered by Access Dots is not exaggerated, nor is it an application that has excessive adjustments or customization modes. In fact, it only does one thing: show some colour dots every time an app accesses the camera and/or microphone, both in the background and active on the screen. Even so, this small application adds remarkable privacy and security to the phone, all with the simplicity of software that does not reach 3 MB in weight.

Access Dots has just become a reality for Android, as the creator of the app commented in this thread from XDA Developers. Activate now in Google Play Store, just install it on an Android device, and give you accessibility permission, so that its user knows at all times when the device’s microphone and / or camera is accessed.

Access DotsThe orange dot that tells that an app accesses the microphone (recorder in this case
Access Dots is a transparent application that you don’t even need to access the microphone and camera to know when they’re working: That’s what you use Android accessibility services for. It allows the colour configuration for each of the points while maintaining the default tones of iOS 14: orange for the microphone and green for the camera. And the point appearance area can be customized, by default in the upper right corner. The change of position can only be done if the developer is supported with an in-app purchase.

Access Dots Green dot that warns of access to the camera (camera application in this case)

The improvement in privacy and security is remarkable, it would not be wrong for Google to introduce something similar at the native Android level. Just look at a colour dot to know that something is wrong, at least if we don’t have a multimedia capture application open. In addition, Access Dots lacks ads and purchases are not necessary for the proper functioning of the app.

Access Dots

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: IJP
  • To download: For Android on Google Play