Home Business More multi-millionaires in Ireland than Dubai

More multi-millionaires in Ireland than Dubai


We have had the Celtic Tiger and also a recession over the last few years but things don’t seem to be too bad for some people in Ireland with 85 new multi-millionaires created in 2016.

With the latest 85 added to the list Ireland now rank in 24th place of the Wealth X report 2017 which measures the global ultra wealthy population and their total wealth an increase of 6.4 per cent.

The ranking places Ireland higher than a number of countries including Belgium, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. The united states had the largest UHNW population in 2016 with over 73,000 people holding over $8.7 billion. Japan, China, Germany and the United Kingdom were the other countries filling out the top 5.

However in terms of cities, Ireland didn’t feature on the list that saw New York the home of the world’s wealthiest with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles and London also featuring in the top five.